Violation Reports

Violation Reports

We at Meitu, Inc. believe in creating a company culture of honesty and integrity. Fraudulent activities or any other malpractices on the part of any member of the team will result in immediate action.

Meitu, Inc.’s Violation Report Channel accepts the following types of reports regarding employee misconduct:

  • Corruption, bribery (including the acceptance thereof) or rebates, as well as the acceptance of gifts or hospitality that violates company rules.
  • Abusing the privileges of one’s position in the company for personal gain.
  • Investments that violate company rules, as well as employment with company suppliers, partners, etc.
  • Any unlawful transactions that bring risk upon the company’s status as a legal entity.
  • The disclosure of confidential and/or sensitive information to outside parties.
  • Any other actions that violate company rules or the rule of law in any and all relevant legal jurisdictions.
Meitu, Inc.’s Violation Report Channel will only accept reports regarding rule violations on the part of company employees. We encourage you to submit reports under your real name and ensure that the content of your submission is fully objective and accurate. We promise to provide all report submitters with full protection and to keep the content of each report confidential. Meitu, Inc. will offer a reward for each report submission ranging from 2,000 – 200,000 RMB, depending on the level of seriousness, the subsequent investigation of the report’s validity, and the Internal Control Team’s ability to reach a successful conclusion after filing a case.

Report submission method

  • Contact: Internal Control Team
  • Contact No.: 183-5921-3828
  • E-mail: