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Lightweight Bitcoin Wallet Electrum announced that the next version will support Lightning network payments, implemented with Python, an electrum network node where wallet users do not need to run Lightning network nodes themselves to make payments, and electrum's Lightning network nodes have now been merged into the Electrum master branch.

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To use mnomets to transfer addresses from electrum wallets to web wallets, you need to set Electrum to be compatible with Qtum phone mnomets in the initial installation (and then use phone wallet mnomets to restore phone wallets on Electrum). This setting is screenshot of the Electrum configuration.

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I am honored to address the opening ceremony of the Bitcoin SV Developer Conference (2020), to summarize the important achievements made in the bitcoin SV ecosystem in recent months, and to share more of the Association's plans. But the real glory is handing over the hosting duties to Steve Shadders, nChain's chief technology officer. Bitcoin SV's technical infrastructure success is largely due to him. Steve's excellent hosting of this weekend's meeting also shows how lucky we are to have him and Daniel Connolly at the helm of the Bitcoin SV node team.