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Spot gold fell by US$6 in the short-term and fell below US$1950 per ounce; spot silver fell by nearly US$0.3 in the short-term and is now at US$26.59 per ounce

Bitcoin has been popular for years, and prices have fallen a few times. Bitcoin's price has soared so far this year, breaking records, peaking at $1,285.74, surpassing the price of an ounce of gold and fluctuating significantly in the short term. In China, the price of bitcoins is as high as about 7,000 yuan per ounce. Bitcoin is also expanding in scope, with large retail stores in some countries starting to allow payments in Bitcoin and even developing mobile payment methods for Bitcoin.

price of electrum per ounce

price of electrum per ounce

In 1717, the gold price in Britain was officially introduced at 3 pounds per ounce, 302 years to date.

On the news front, spot gold fell below $1,880 an ounce today, down nearly $200 from its all-time high. Spot silver fell more than 4 per cent to $US23.65 an ounce after rising more than 4 per cent at one point. Silver fell more than 3 percent to $23.96 an ounce in New York.

On precious metals, COMEX gold futures closed up 1.45 per cent at $US1,756.2 an ounce, up 1.09 per cent for two weeks, while COMEX silver futures closed up 1.81 per cent at $US17.825 an ounce, up 1.96 per cent for the week

The total amount of gold mined as of 2012 was approximately 174,100 tons. At the current spot price of $1,350 per tson ounce, the total value of gold is now $6.9 trillion.

Spot gold fell to 1,582.68 US dollars per ounce and rebounded quickly after opening, and is now at 1589.09 US dollars per ounce. (Golden Ten)

Between 1877 and 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt confiscated gold and devalued the dollar from $21 an ounce to $35 an ounce. At this time, despite rapid scientific and technological progress, GDP per capita growth is only 1% per year

The market showed that spot gold returned to $1,600 per ounce. Within 15 minutes, it rose by 8 dollars, reaching a maximum of 1601.62 dollars per ounce, and the intraday increase once again expanded to 1%

Spot gold fell another $US1,640 an ounce, or 0.71 per cent, to $US1,637.08 an ounce

International gold prices fell on Friday (May 1), trading at a near eight-day low of $1,670.72 an ounce, as a growing number of U.S. states deliberately relaxed their social alienation measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak, though gloomy U.S. economic data reinforced the depth of the outbreak's impact on the economy and limited gold price declines. Spot gold fell 0.77 per cent to $US1,673.43 an ounce at 15:45 BST; COMEX gold fell 0.86 per cent to $US1,679.5 an ounce; and the dollar index rose 0.06 per cent to $99.091.

In its outlook for the crypto market this month, Bloomberg said bitcoin would be six times the price of gold per ounce, bi-tweets reported earlier. Data from Skew show a record 68.9 per cent monthly correlation between the two assets

A 100-year historical price chart of ounce gold

A 100-year historical price chart of ounce gold

Spot gold extended in-day gains to 0.8 per cent, spot silver rose 0.74 per cent to above $1,560 an ounce, expanding to 0.8 per cent to $US1,564.66 an ounce, while spot silver rose 0.74 per cent to $US13.283 an ounce. (Golden Ten)

In 1717, the famous physicist Isaac Newton fixed the price of gold at 3 pounds, 17 shillings and 10.5 pence per ounce during his time as head of the British Mint.

The picture above shows the price of gold, which has approached $1600 per ounce

The picture above shows the price of gold, which has approached $1600 per ounce

Gold fell 5.94 yuan, or 1.70 percent, to close at 342.94 yuan per g on Tuesday, with a high of 349.7 yuan per 2 and a low of 341.81 yuan per g. Meanwhile, international spot gold opened at $1,498.74 an ounce, down $1,483.90 an ounce and as high as $1,501.00 an ounce, down $13.9, or 0.93 percent, at $1,484.80 an ounce.

Spot gold rose 1.3 per cent on Tuesday to end the day at $US1,735.85 an ounce, jumping 1.9 per cent to $US1,746.50 an ounce earlier in the day. U.S. gold futures settled up 0.4 percent at $1,768.90 an ounce, hitting their highest level since February 2013 at $1,788.80 an ounce.

On the spot commodity market, gold was down 0.8 per cent at $US1,665 an ounce, silver was down 0.40 per cent at $US16.87 an ounce, Brent was up 6.77 per cent at $US35.73 a barrel and US crude was up 6.73 per cent at $US32.18 a barrel