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How to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu. Linux China.

Install QEMU on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian.

Install Goland on Linux system

Install Goland on Linux system

After the release of Ubuntu 20.04, Canonical was found to be pushing Snap apps, even if the user installed the app through apt. Linux Mint, a popular Ubuntu-based distribution, has made it clear that it will not install Snap apps against the user's wishes. According to Linux Mint, the upcoming Linux Mint 20 will not pre-install any Snap apps, and by default apt will not install Snap apps, requiring users to install them themselves.

If you want MX Linux to control grub, I can use the grub-install command to install grub on MX Linux, and then grub on MX Linux will start controlling the grub startup screen. You already know that, don't you?

When Electrum wallets are synchronized with malicious servers, they are instructed to "update" clients provided by hackers, resulting in the loss of assets contained in older versions. Previously, in December 2018, Electrum.

Install Android 8.1 Oreo on Linux To Run Apps and Games 44 android 8.1 oreo on linux.

sudo apt-get install gcc-7-multilib gcc-multilib-arm-linux-gnueabigcc-multilib-mips-linux-gnu gcc-multilib-mips64-linux-gnuabi64gcc-multilib-powerpc-linux-gnu gcc-multilib-powerpc64-linux-gnu

For Arch Linux systems, use the pacman command to install ethtool.

Another upgrade under study is the release of a new version of the Electrum-LTC desktop wallet. Electrum-LTC is an SPV wallet that can be used in Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems.

Another approach is to use virtualization software and install Linux in it. This way, you can install Linux distributions in Windows (with a graphical interface) and like regular Windows.

Qtum Electrum.

Qtum Electrum.

Electrum DASH "PrivateSend" is on TestNet.