electrum cash showing 0 bcc, Unable to send BCH/BCC from Electron Cash

Good. Bitcoin Cash BCC is a Bitcoin fork. As we all know, BCH's main features are expansion, fast trading speed, low handling fees. If there's another fork that has these characteristics, it's perfectly possible to compete with BCH for real Bitcoin cash. BCC is such a Bitcoin fork, trading capacity is ten times that of ABC and SV, second-level confirmation (ABC and SV are ten minutes), zero handling fee. Technically the BCC completely outpaces them, so we have the bottom to say that the BCC is the real Bitcoin cash, they're just the BCH.

With the proliferation of hard-forked rival bitcoin cash (BCC), the Bitcoin market has become chaotic. Many pundits have embraced the new coin as a way to cash in on Satoshi Nakamoto's original Bitcoin vision. In contrast to the original BTC, BCC offers 8MB block size and faster trading time.

Those who own bitcoins have direct access to Bitcoin Cash (BCC), which is also valuable. Sometimes, it is found that digging BCC with a miner is no less profit than digging bitcoins.

In support of Bitcoin Cash(BCC) hard forks, Coin Security will take a snapshot at 0:40:00 BST on November 16, 2018 and suspend BCC replenishing operations at 23:00 BST on November 15, 2018, according to the official announcement. When the hard fork is complete, the charging opening hours will be announced separately.

Breadwallet Bitcoin Wallet is about to fully support Bitcoin Cash BCC.

Bitcoin Cash BCC\BCH

Bitcoin Cash BCC\BCH

Coinbase, a digital currency company that had previously said it would not support Bitcoin's "fork" bit cash (BCC), finally compromised in the face of customer questions. The company recently issued a statement saying it plans to support Bit Cash (BCC) on January 1, 2018

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'I'm slowly moving my assets to Bitcoin Cash because I think the BCC is following the philosophy of designing Bitcoin,' said Roger Ver, a prominent investor. And our bitcoin wallet already supports BCC.

Once the network stabilizes, the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCC) plummets.

Electron Cash is only a version of Electrum, so if you're used to Electrum, you won't have any problems.

Bitcoin Cash (BCC), which had previously been "dug" on August 1st, met Waterloo.

Bitcoin will launch a Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card, with BCC facing BTC.

electrum cash showing 0 bcc

electrum cash showing 0 bcc

BCC is not BTC forked out of Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash is called BCH), BCC is an open source, peer-to-peer, community-driven digital currency investment trading platform that can store, invest and host digital currencies.

The establishment of this website is not only a publicity for BCC, but also let more people realize the advantages of BCC. BCC, as a kind of point-to-point electronic cash with low cost and fast transaction speed, will be accepted by more and more websites, merchants and so on with the development of time, as a new payment method. This also realized the original intention of the BCC and became the "point-to-point encrypted electronic cash system" described in the white paper.