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Electrum client. A veteran security research expert told Hard Fork that if a user installs the problem version of Electrum.

At this time, the SPV-based Electrum wallet became the new favorite of Bitcoin players. Especially for small partners who are new to Bitcoin, editors recommend using electrum wallets.

range mempool.

range mempool.

According to Reddit user u/normal_rc, electrum's wallet was hacked and nearly 250 bitcoins (243.6 BTCs, nearly $1 million) were maliciously stolen, according to coinelegraph. Electrum then confirmed that the attack included creating a fake version of the wallet to trick users into providing password information. Electrum responded on Twitter that "this is a persistent phishing attack on Electrum users" and warned users not to download Electrum from any source other than the official website.

Photo from: Johoe's Bitcoin Mempool Statistics.

Electrum users are reminded of the Update Tip, which indicates that the new version of Electrum is likely to be fake, and if installed, transfer Bitcoin out in another security environment in a timely manner.

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Shunto touch melon, open the github of the electrum, we find the following code in the electrum/electrum/ecc.py.

CheckTx (RequestCheckTx) ResponseCheckTx // Validate a tx for the mempool.

BSV Pool Mempool was shortlisted for the third batch of blockchain information services in China.

This isn't the first time Thatectrum has appeared in a fake version, with hackers developing a fake encrypted wallet, Electrum, in December, resulting in the theft of nearly 250 bitcoins worth about $1 million. In January, GitHub discovered a fake Electrum wallet called "Electrvm" designed to steal users' money. In February, users of encrypted wallets Electrum and MyEtherWallet reported that they were facing phishing attacks. (Stationer's House)

​ b. Mempool service

​ b. Mempool service

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum confirms a phishing attack against its users, reminding them not to download Electrum Wallet software from any channel other than the official website. Earlier media reports said Electrum users had maliciously stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Hackers create Electrum wallet software with malicious code, induce users to download, and trick users into providing login information such as passwords to commit theft.

version 0 payments should not be allowed as standard transactions in the mempool anyway.

At the same time, the total size of Bitcoin's mempool unconfirmed transactions hit a six-month high. Bitcoin transactions are sent to mempool, a position, after being verified by other non-mining nodes in the network. The miners then extract transactions from mempool, put them into new blocks, and then add them to the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Mempool service.

Mempool service.

Fake: github/electrum-wallet/electrum/releases.

According to Blockchain data, on November 15, Bitcoin Mempool reached its highest level since January last year, exceeding 90 MB. Bitcoin Mempool contains all unconfirmed transactions that are awaiting verification by miners. In most cases, the larger the Mempool, the more transactions waiting to be confirmed by miners, but this situation is obviously unusual at present. On November 15th, the number of unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin Mempool reached a peak, just over 20,000. Two days ago, this figure reached a maximum of 12.6 MB. All these data seem to indicate that the average transaction volume last weekend was significantly higher than usual

The electrum and Electrum-LTC versions below 3.3.3 are vulnerable to phishing attacks in which a malicious server displays a message asking the user to download the fake Electrum. To prevent user exposure, versions older than 3.3 can no longer connect to public servers and must be upgraded. Do not download software updates from sources other than electrum.org and electrum-ltc.org.

Mempool operation (not shown) (proof of attestation, deposit, exit, etc.)

Electrum and MyEtherWalle users face phishing attacks.

Chain News, lightweight Bitcoin Wallet Electrum announced that the next version will support Lightning network payment, implemented using Python, Electrum as a Lightning network node, wallet users do not need to run lightning network nodes to make payments, electrum lightning network nodes have been merged into the Electrum master branch.

Electrum hackers pre-empted a large number of "normal" electrum servers on the P2P network.

position in mempool electrum

position in mempool electrum

Default for -maxmempool, maximum megabytes of mempool memory usage.