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direction: 0 or 1 (0 means from child chain to parent chain, 1 means from parent chain to child chain)

The parent node public key, parent node chain code, child node serial number as parameters for HMAC-SHA512 to get 512 bit output.

When a child class inherits the parent class, it does not satisfy the functionality provided by the parent class, and the child class can override some methods of the parent class and expand some of the behavior of the parent class.

The exchange KuCoin announced the online child account feature, which allows users to manage and control up to 100 child accounts through a parent account. The parent account has the highest authority to manage the account of the child account (frozen unfrozen), assets, API, and the transfer of funds between the child accounts is free of handling fees. In addition, the fee level for the parent account will be determined by the sum of the transactions for the last 30 days of all child accounts and KCS holdings, and all child accounts will be entitled to the same fee level as the parent account.

The scope of multiple child functions points to the parent at the same time and is fully shared. Therefore, all child functions are affected when the parent variable object is modified.

Suppose you want to use a single project as a child item in a repository, the traditional approach is to copy the project to the parent repository, but what if you want to use the same child project in multiple parent projects? If you copy a child project to all parent projects, it is not feasible that you will make changes in each parent project when there are updates. This can result in redundancy and inconsistent data in the parent project, making it difficult to update and maintain child projects.

Women's market, parent-child drive.

Women's market, parent-child drive.

In this article, Andrei Anisimov, engineering manager at Coinbase Custody, describes how the company uses Bitcoin's Child-Pays-For-Parent technology to manage their wallets.

Q2: What does it mean to have a child payss for parent DEFAULT_ANCESTOR_LIMIT parent?

kill child if parent dies.

kill child if parent dies.

Respect your child's personal nature, build trusting parent-child relationships, and create a basic sense of security for your child.

There are many other important concepts in the fee market, including replace-by-fee, child pays for parent, frontrunning.