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The main reason for the Trezor vulnerability is that it does not have built-in multi-signature functionality, so its multi-signature implementation is to support Electrum extension. This led to an attack on electrum, and Trezor was affected.

Electrum (Ready)

Electrum (Ready)

Electrum tweeted today about the incident, saying it was "a persistent phishing attack on Electrum users" and imploring users to check the effectiveness of the resources they log on to.

Dash releases Dash Electrum version

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Another upgrade under study is the release of a new version of the Electrum-LTC desktop wallet. Electrum-LTC is an SPV wallet that can be used in Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems.

In a forum post on Bitcointalk, website administrator Theymos explained: "If at any time in the past you've logged in to Electrum without a wallet password and opened a web page, your wallet might have been stolen." Particularly paranoid people may want to send all bitcoins (BTCs) from their old Electrum wallets to the newly generated Electrum wallet. "

As for the founder of LLToken, Huang Sheng, who was the director of fast-broadcasting technology products in individual media reports, the station manager did not confirm any historical information about fast-broadcasting.

Node 1 writes this transaction to the ledger and broadcasts the transaction through its own Socket Server. (Socket Server is said to be a broadcast here because one Socket Server connects multiple Socket Clients, a propagation path that rese rese comes from broadcasting.) On the other hand, socket Client actively connects to Socket Server by subscribing as if the user had subscribed to a broadcast channel over the radio. As a result, each billing node can broadcast and subscribe. )

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum has released a beta version of Electrum 4.0, which supports the Lightning Network.

This isn't the first time electrum has appeared in a fake version. In December, nearly $1 million of BTC was stolen when hackers developed a fake encrypted wallet, Electrum. 1 this year.

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Fixes a page card problem when qtum electrum syncs history.

In addition, Ivgi provides a plug-in that simplifies the process of setting up BWT with the Electrum client, and can also be used with other wallets that support the Electrum server protocol, such as Edge, Blue Wallet, Eclair Mobile, and Phoenix.

You can use Security Seeds to recover your wallet on any Electrum client, even on the Electrum Wallet online web program.

ETC did not confirm the transaction.

ETC did not confirm the transaction.

According to the dimensionality reduction security laboratory (johnwick.io), hackers launched a denial of service (DoS) attack on the well-known wallet Electrum server. The hackers used a botnet of more than 140,000 computers to attack Electrum nodes and deployed malicious nodes at the same time . When users connect to these malicious nodes and use the old version of Electrum to send transactions