why can't i see my private key electrum?

Moon: Hello, I lost my monemic, but my phone holds the private key, is there a security risk?

On April 27th, the first step of the EOS Genesis Account Key Loss Auto-Recovery Proposal, submitted by the EOS DAC on April 24th, was passed, and the adoption of the proposal would create a privileged account, eosio.lost'. Note: Not all private key loss can be recovered, please check to see if the following: . . . I hold EOS in Ethereum in the form of ELC-20 tokens (until June 2018); . . . I still control the Ethereum private key; . . . I can't access the EOS private key; I have never used my EOS account; I have lost fewer than 100,000 EOS tokens for my private key (accounts with more than 100,000 EOS tokens will be automatically deleted from the whitelist)

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In Bitcoin, if I leak my private key, my coins can only be stolen. For LN, you can steal your money simply by not monitoring it online. In addition to stealing your LN private key, bad users can also try to steal your money while you're offline. That's why LN needs a third-party service called watchtower to monitor your funds. It's more complicated than Bitcoin.

To the outside world: The public and private keys are two sets of code that are mathematically relevant. The public key can be made public, and the private key should be kept secret and only the owner can use it. If I want to send you a message that only you can see, I have to use your public key, my public key, and private key, which must have these three elements to encrypt the message and send it out. Then you must have your public and private keys, my public keys, and these three elements to decrypt this information. This is the infrastructure for all encrypted information channels.

Why can't I use my Ledger?

Why can't I use my Ledger?

Enter the private key in the Confirm private key column to check, turn on WI-FI, and click I HAVE SAFELY BACKED UP MY PRIVATE KEY.

Private key signature, public key verification: I send a message to the other party, I add my own private key information to form a digital signature, the other side with my public key to verify, the success of verification proves that it is indeed the information I sent.

why can't i see my private key electrum

why can't i see my private key electrum

If I have a file that I can't let others see, I'll encrypt it with 1. Someone else found the file, but he didn't know that 2 was the decrypted private key, and even though he knew my public key 1 he couldn't untie it, only I knew the number 2 to decrypt it. This protects the data.

Why can't transactions in blockchain be forged? First, legitimate transactions require private key signatures that cannot be verified by other nodes;

BNB: I can't see the signs of my own independent market, the operation is the same as before, do not understand the private chat message or read the previous article.