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Klee uses the Electrum system to store more than 1,170 bitcoins. There is no cold storage, no two-step verification (2FA) set up, and no Bitcoin Trezor-like devices. All bitcoins and future coins were stolen because security was not done well. He stores all his passwords in a plain text file and then in the Dropbox folder on his iMac. There is no encryption. And the password was not changed after the Heartbleed security vulnerability issue occurred.

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Electrum used to be a development team that was responsible for driving early Sandworm activities, but in the CrashOverride event, it also held development and operational roles. According to the data, electrum caused a major power outage in Ukraine in 2016 with the ICS malware CrashOverride, however, because Electrum is also described as an organization that "can develop malware and ICS protocols that can modify the processes of electrical devices", the organization does not rely on exploiting vulnerabilities or zero-day vulnerabilities, but exploits common exploits and methods to launch attacks. For example, the organization used Microsoft's database server as a gateway to commercial and industrial control networks, successfully breaking industrial control systems and using stolen credentials to execute code. As a result, Dragos believes that Electrum is one of the most capable and complex threat groups in the ICS industry today, and in its report, it highlights that "North American power companies should view Electrum as a serious threat." "