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The person who first reported the flaw on Github on November 24 explained: "When the Electrum background program is running, people on another virtual host on the web server can easily access your wallet through the local RPC port. Currently, there are no privacy measures/authentications that allow someone to access the entire RPC port and full access to the wallet. "

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The Bitcoin desktop wallet client Electrum has released a beta version 4.0, which adds support for several important updates such as the Lightning Network. This version is nearly a year away from the previous version of Electrum 3.3.8 (July last year)

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Electrum Wallet is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets and has been around for several years. However, Electrum wallet users often rely on electrum servers, which presents some security and privacy trade-offs. If you use an Electrum personal server, Electrum wallet users can connect locally to their own private servers, enjoying the convenience of Electrum without any trade-offs.