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electrum i forgot my password, Recover Your Apple ID

That's what happened: After the 2018 debate, we had dinner. Peter has never used Bitcoin before (!) I helped him set up a wallet (Edge or BRD?) on his phone. I told him to make sure it was of great value, and I gave him $50. He forgot his password and never recorded Voorhees said.

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In response to the attack, Beosin Chengdu Chain Security analyzed: This wallet Electrum was attacked, mainly because the kivy framework used was using a standard py compiler and the wallet was not protected against secondary packaging, and the core files could be recompiled directly back into the py file. Attackers can imitate the code, directly join the code to steal the user's password, key after the secondary packaging, and then cooperate with other attacks, tempt users to install the wallet implanted with malicious code, thereby stealing the user's password, key and other sensitive information.