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Gustav Vassar was a hard-nosed character who turned the finger at the Hansa League, which helped him seize power. This is because for a long time, "Hansa" merchants in Sweden is raw iron, shipped to the German region finishing, into bar iron, the price has doubled, large pieces of meat were "Hansa" merchants eat, Sweden can only drink soup.

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A Chrome extension called Ledger Live, which tries to impersonate the real Ledger Live, maliciously tries to trick users into thinking it's the original ledger live app for Chrome, allowing them to check balances, approve transactions, and more through Chrome. In addition, it requires the user to enter a seed phrase. Security officials say the operators behind it can use it to collect seed phrases and steal cryptocurrencies.

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In fact, when we look at interesting headlines, the concept of incremental crowd or sinking market, has not been mentioned so often"Red Dot China Executive Director Zhang Mingchen in an interview with reporters, "Red Dot China's team in the Internet industry has been more than 10 years, we must first judge whether this market is big enough."