using same address electrum recieve

using same address electrum recieve, using same address electrum recieve

We believe that in order to increase the intensity of the client to protect user privacy, it is important to implement a standard non-trust system. Clients such as electrum, Android, and iPhone also embed the same layer of anonymity directly and take advantage of protocol scalability. This allows users to have the same experience when sending money anonymously using a robust system.

using same address electrum recieve, Multiple wallets for the same Addresses found that hackers launched a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on a well-known wallet, Electrum server. Hackers used a botnet of more than 140,000 computers to attack Electrum's nodes and simultaneously deployed malicious nodes. When a user connects to these malicious nodes and sends a transaction using an older version of Electrum, the user is prompted to update the Backdoor Client. If the user installs the client as prompted, the private key is stolen and all digital assets are lost. Millions of dollars of digital currency have been stolen, according to Electrum officials. Devi Security Labs recommends that users of Electrum Wallet update to the latest version of the client via the official website and never use the link in the prompt message.