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After Schiff announced his loss on Twitter, the cryptocurrencies community quickly began discussing, such as Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, who asked if he had forgotten his password, to which Schiff replied: "My wallet forgot the password." "

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Synergy means that different types of users have differences in business logic positioning. The difference in business logic positioning is reflected in the different positions of different types of users in the business process, that is, the difference in timing, which needs to be addressed at the business logic level or application level. The second is reflected in the differences in permissions between different types of users. The difference in permissions stems first from the user's type definition, followed by differences in the set of executable actions or features based on their type definition.

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Users of Bitcoin wallet Electrum are facing phishing attacks, according to Hackers broadcast messages to the Electrum client through a malicious server, prompting the user to update to v4.0.0, and if the user follows the prompt to install this "backdoor-carrying client", the private key is stolen and all digital assets are stolen. At the time of writing, at least 1,450 BTCs worth about $11.6 million had been stolen from phishing attacks that faked Electrum upgrade tips. DeViable Security Labs hereby suggests that versions of Electrum below 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks, and users using Electrum Wallet are requested to update to the latest version of Electrum 3.3.8 via the official website (, which has not yet been officially released, and do not use the link in the prompt to avoid asset losses.

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In a forum post on Bitcointalk, website administrator Theymos explained: "If at any time in the past you've logged in to Electrum without a wallet password and opened a web page, your wallet might have been stolen." Particularly paranoid people may want to send all bitcoins (BTCs) from their old Electrum wallets to the newly generated Electrum wallet. "

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According to Bleeping Computer, the BTC wallet app Electrom accused a phishing product called Electrum Pro of stealing a user's seed key on May 9 on GitHub and registering a domain name called electrum without Electrum's permission. The Electrum team noted that there was a piece of code indicating that the counterfeit product might have taken the user's seed key and uploaded it to the electrum. Affected users should transfer funds from BTC URLs managed by Eletrum Pro.

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First to buy a reliable USB stick, he prefers to use Samsung's USB stick. Then activate permanent storage as instructed to set a password that is easy to remember, such as "December 2018: Don't forget!" "。 Then create an electrum wallet with a pre-installed app, write down the keys with paper and pen, and check them several times.