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if i lose laptop electrum wallet do i lose bitcoin, el electrum

But what is the real function of the nature of futures? hedging effect, with spot hedging. Let me make an example, for example, if I buy a bitcoin spot, then I choose 20 times leverage in the futures market, I just need to take out 0.05 bitcoins as a margin to be shorted in the futures, but I am holding a short position worth 1 bitcoin, if bitcoin rises 5%, then I make 0.05 bitcoins in the spot, the futures lose 0.05 bitcoins, one positive and one negative, I do not lose money, if the decline is 5%, Then I lost 0.05 bitcoins in the spot, and I made 0.05 bitcoins in the futures.

bitcoin wallet web, What is a Bitcoin Web Wallet?

First, Bitcoin is sent from an open-net wallet to a Tor wallet hidden on the dark web. This type of transaction is known as "bounce" and can be traded multiple times on the dark web at Bitcoin addresses, each time adding a layer of difficulty to tracing a transaction. Bitcoin is then stored in a dark web wallet, and we need to put it in the "Bitcoin Mixer". The mixer automatically splits Bitcoin into multiple transactions and sends it at random intervals to enough Bitcoin addresses hosted in Tor, eliminating the possibility of connecting these transactions together through trace addresses.