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Users of Bitcoin wallet Electrum are facing a phishing attack, according to the Devi Security Lab. Hackers broadcast messages to the Electrum client through a malicious server, prompting the user to update to v4.0.0, and if the user follows the prompt to install this "backdoor-carrying client", the private key is stolen and all digital assets are stolen. At the time of writing, at least 1,450 BTCs worth about $11.6 million had been stolen from phishing attacks that faked Electrum upgrade tips. DeViable Security Labs hereby suggests that versions of Electrum below 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks, and users using Electrum Wallet are requested to update to the latest version of Electrum 3.3.8 via the official website (electrum.org), which has not yet been officially released, and do not use the link in the prompt to avoid asset losses.

electrum use, electrum

Electrum is a popular software wallet that works by connecting to a dedicated server. These servers receive a hash of the Bitcoin address in the wallet and reply with transaction information. Electrum Wallet is fast and has few resources, but by default, it connects to these servers and can easily monitor users. In addition to Electrum, some other software uses public Electrum servers. By 2019, it is a faster and better alternative to BIP37.

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As mentioned earlier, because electrum light wallets are different from Bitcoin light wallets such as MultiBit or Breadwallet, they cannot communicate directly with bitcoin full nodes and can only communicate with electrum.

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QuadrigaCX, Canada's largest cryptocurrencies exchange, is now infamous and was once Crypto Capital's most valuable customer. You can still find the company on the Crypto Capital website. Once, the Canadian exchange closed after the mysterious death of the company's CEO. According to previous chat logs, the exchange is using Crypto Capital to manage customers' money.

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Fire Coin Global Station opened its Verge (XVG) recharge business at 14:30 today, according to the Fire Coin Announcement. XVG/BTC, XVG/ETH trading will be open at 15:00 on August 1st. XVG Withdrawals will be open at 14:30 on August 3.

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Like Bitcoin's core wallet, Electrum Wallet allows users to control their own funds and private keys. Electrum wallets' private keys can also be exported and used on other supported wallets to access funds. Electrum apps are available for Windows, Linux, OSX and Android, but do not support iOS and browser clients.

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According to a post posted on Reddit by the BAT project, Brave's BAT payment service is currently being launched on Reddit, ambcrypto reported. Earlier, on August 1st Brave browser maker Brave Software announced that the latest version of the desktop browser supports the use of BAT for twitter rewards. It's only a matter of time before the feature is launched on content-sharing platform Reddit. In order to use the tip service on Reddit, users need to sign up using the Brave browser and link to their Reddit account.