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bitcoin light client, IOV Labs Launches Lumino Network Light Client to Bring Bitcoin DeFi to Mobile

PEE public chain directly to each download cloud computing power light client to provide light digging power services. Since each light client has already built a lightweight node, the light node does not need to synchronize PEE public-chain full-node block data when the light-digging computing service is turned on, only the changes to the set of validators and the verification of 2/3 of the latest blocks can determine the latest status. Each light client has and only one mining light node, and the user needs to log on to the light client every day to ensure that the node network data synchronization is up-to-date to confirm that the node access is correct. PEE public chain mining coins based on the Tendermint consensus algorithm network mapping, internal triggering, data transparency, intelligent contract access, to achieve a true decentration, to create a high degree of consensus, trustworthy.