getting bitcoin cash off electrum

getting bitcoin cash off electrum, r/Bitcoin - My first wallet (electrum). Finally decided to start getting off exchanges. Legacy type since segwit not supported. Testing small amount. Low fee and surprisingly received after a few min. When I have extra cash I'm gonna get me a ledger.

Chain News, the old Bitcoin desktop wallet client Electrum released the official version 4.0, added support lightning network and many other important updates, and has released an update version 4.0.1. Electrum adds features such as PSBT (partially signed Bitcoin transactions), Lightning Network, watchtowers (暸 watchtowers), and Submarine Swaps (submarine switching) for version 4.0.

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Electrum is a well-known light wallet for Bitcoin that adds new features such as server authentication using SSL to prevent MITM attacks. So unlike other Bitcoin light wallets, Electrum cannot communicate directly with different versions of Bitcoin full nodes, and each startup connects to electrumserver to communicate, and electrum.