electrum high transaction fee

electrum high transaction fee, Resend transaction with higher fee

The transaction costs of centralized exchanges are economically determined by market conditions and regulatory policies. It can develop changing fee rules based on operational strategies. In order to encourage users to trade high frequency, there is even no transaction fee. However, there is generally a fee charged for the withdrawal of assets. In addition, since all transactions on a central exchange are essentially IOU bookkeeping, the transaction cost is technically very low.

electrum red address bar, Red Star Matteson

struct receiveRecord (address account; //user address add; //snatched amountONTLIB_SERIALIZE (receiveRecord, (account); structStruct(address tokenAddress); //Asset token address totalamount; // Total red envelope amount set totalPackageCount; //Total red envelope total set remainsamount; // Current remaining amount set RemainPackageCount; // Current remaining red envelope number:: vector struct receiveRecord records; // The record ONTLIB_SERIALIZE has been snatched up( totalPackageCount, totalPackageCount)