electrum date says within 25 blocks

electrum date says within 25 blocks, The Federal Government's official employment site

25% arithmetic does not perform SW soft forks. But the software is a soft fork, so 25% of the calculation force will not dig a chain alone, but will continue to accept 75% of the calculation force dug out of the block. But 75% of the computing power will not accept 25% of the blocks dug out, 25% of the blocks dug out will always be isolated, become isolated blocks. This 25% calculation is that it has been dug in white and isolated.

usb stick electrum, Bitcoin auf USB Stick?

In 2013, when the price of bitcoins exceeded the $100 mark, Howells began looking for the USB stick he used in 2009, where he stored 7,500 Bitcoin private keys. He then recalled that instead of throwing away the empty USB stick, he mistakenly lost the USB stick with the private key.