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According to the dimensionality reduction security laboratory (johnwick.io), hackers launched a denial of service (DoS) attack on the well-known wallet Electrum server. The hackers used a botnet of more than 140,000 computers to attack Electrum nodes and deployed malicious nodes at the same time . When users connect to these malicious nodes and use the old version of Electrum to send transactions

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Confirm that the transaction actually confirms two aspects, the first aspect is to verify the signature, the signature is reasonable? Is it true? Check the number of money, this is the ordinary transaction. Second, if the underlying transaction is a contract call, the agent is required to confirm the transaction.

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The Healthy Security Lab is concerned that Nearly 250 bitcoins have been stolen in a recent hacking attack on an Electrum wallet. This attack, confirmed by Electrum, involves creating a fake version of the wallet to trick users into providing password information. Electrum responded on Twitter that "this is an ongoing phishing attack on Electrum users and advised users to download wallet apps from the official website" and that The Healthy Security Lab advised users not to install an unknown source of Electrum wallets to avoid being tricked.