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In December 2018, Slow Fog first discovered and alerted an attacker to a messaging flaw using the Electrum wallet client, forcing an "update prompt" to pop up during a user's currency transfer operation, inducing users to update and download malware to carry out a currency theft attack, according to Slow Fog. Although electrum officials said in early 2019 that some security mechanisms would be in place to prevent this "update phishing", many users of Electrum are still in the old version (less than 3.3.4) and the old version is still under threat. However, we do not rule out a similar threat to the new version.

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The Wowoo Wallet app is designed to easily and securely store ERC20 tokens, as well as some of the major cryptocurrencies on the user's hand. Currently, this app is only available for Android, and the iOS version is still under release review. This app is currently only compatible with ERC20 tokens as currency and will be modified in a future release to accept NEP-5 tokens within the same application (including Wowoo tokens generated on THE NEP-5 standard)

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Electrum is a well-known light wallet for Bitcoin that adds new features such as server authentication using SSL to prevent MITM attacks. So unlike other Bitcoin light wallets, Electrum cannot communicate directly with different versions of Bitcoin full nodes, and each startup connects to electrumserver to communicate, and electrum.