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Of course, there are wallets that are not designed according to BIP rules, such as Electrum, which was the first to use mnbike patterns, and the first determinizer wallet, which was introduced in 2011, and later Trezor's introduction of the mbike rule BIP-39, which became a recognized industry standard with its widespread use. Electrum and BIP-39's mone word rules are similar, but BIP-39 uses a fixed set of 2048 thesaver, electrum uses another thesaver, but can be compatible with BIP-39's monemone thesaver, reverse is not compatible.

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This is similar to the behavior of traditional financial markets, where high-frequency traders place and cancel orders at many price points (lightning orders or knocks). If they cancel faster than they execute - those who only see the order and don't cancel it - then the victim will reveal their price information.