can electrum be use for ethereum

can electrum be use for ethereum?

Millions of dollars of digital currency have been stolen, according to Electrum officials. Devi Security Labs recommends that users of Electrum Wallet update to the latest version of the client via the official website and never use the link in the prompt message.

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Mr. Fu is the President of Northwest Wolf Internet Ecology Association, Changjiang Business School EMBA, entrepreneurial veteran, ingenuity. Fu teacher entrepreneurship 20 years, for nearly a thousand entrepreneurial projects have done consulting, in 2004 Fu teacher and many Shaanxi entrepreneurs set up the Northwest Wolf E-commerce ecosphere community, from the initial online exchanges to offline wolf nest development, to the Northwest Wolf Military Academy held, step by step to "entrepreneurial big man" Fu Wei Are for the wolf relatives to provide resource integration, skills training, business consulting and other help, resources and entrepreneurs effectively docking, adhering to the wolf community, group efforts, wolf world, group evolution; On September 30, 2018, Xi'an Northwest Wolf Internet Eco-Association announced that it accepts members to pay their dues using Bitcoin, and is the first legitimate association in China to accept members to pay their dues in Bitcoin. It is a great honor to be a senior consultant to the Northwest Wolf and to be happy to work with the Northwest Wolf family to develop their studies. Mr. Fu is more like a river and lake big brother, very personality charm, can always point out the problem as accurately as a point, leading the "wolf" crowd is far away.

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5G networks have the characteristics of low latency and high capacity, but they are also large users of spectrum resources. Multi-system network spectrum fusion technology is seen as a key capability for future 5G networks. It is an important means to alleviate the contradiction between spectrum supply and demand to realize the spectrum sharing of high, medium and low frequency bands through fine management, so as to improve the spectrum utilization rate. 5G network spectrum, IoT vertical industry spectrum, WI-FI and other unauthorized spectrum between dynamic sharing and other issues are also worth studying.