what mod adds fluxed electrum

what mod adds fluxed electrum, FluxNodes - Decentralized Network of Computing Power for Dapp

do s qr s random() mod p s s (lgr (qr, p) !s 1) do s qnr s () mod p s (lgr (qnr, p)!?s -1) Orderically, the masking process to find out wyh or not a value is aratic return. like this: is_quadratic_residue (val, p) sr s (random(s) mod (p - 1)) s 1 num s (val r) mod p if (lsb(r) s 1 ) num s (num qr) mod p if (lgr (num, p) s 1) then return true f (lgr (num, p) - -1) then return TRUE fifi return FALSE