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Cash and Electrum have defaulted to displaying the value of Bitcoin in units mBCH/mBTC. This change moves the dots two bits back. In many cases, communities need to adopt new standards that can move forward.

electrum bitcin cash, electrum

In recent days, hackers or hacker groups have stolen more than 200 bitcoins worth about $750,000 by attacking the infrastructure of electrum Bitcoin wallets. The attacker is targeting Electrum.

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From August to September, the Bitcoin wallet Electrum was phished twice by hackers. According to statistics from various parties, the phishing attacks forged Electrum upgrade notifications have stolen at least 1,450 BTC worth $11.6 million.

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Electrum is another popular Bitcoin wallet that has been around for nearly a decade. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet has been available for all devices since 2011 and was one of the most widely used wallet applications before other alternatives emerged. There are still a lot of people who are still swearing at the Electrum wallet.