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electrum test net, PrivateSend in Dash Electrum on the testnet

In addition, small partners who have used Electrum wallets should be aware that with Thecret phrase generated by Electrum, we can recover bitcoin keys on any browser using the Bitcoin Wallet web tool. And Electrum is so secure that there is no evidence that the distributed attack prevention system designed by Dark Wallet will be due to Electrum.

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191 Allows other participants (also known as "designated transaction fee payers") to co-sign the transaction with the transaction sponsor and pay the transaction fee. The signatures of both the transaction initiator and the transaction fee payer will be written to the transaction, making it easy for the blockchain to identify the transaction initiator and the transaction fee payer.

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Popular wallet developer Electrum has released an emergency patch for a key vulnerability in its Bitcoin wallet. The vulnerability allows any website hosting electrum wallets to potentially steal a user's cryptocurrency. A vulnerability means that the password is exposed to the JSONRPC interface, implying that the hacker has full control over the wallet. The first patch failed to fix the problem, forcing Electrum to release a second update on Sunday night.