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what is my wallet address in electrum, what is my wallet address in electrum

(Users will know, otherwise regret) began to use the brain wallet, I want to use it: every time the collection on blockchain.info to see the account situation, need to pay others to transfer the private key to Armory, after use to delete the entire Amory wallet file, absolutely do not let the brain wallet private key on the network for a moment. This is reasonable, long-term brain wallet private key in the wallet file that is not called brain wallet. It was the first time I had imported my brain wallet private key into Armory, and I had completed a 1BTC transfer and was trying to delete the Armory wallet with my brain wallet private key, but I didn't know how I felt I should point to see if the balance under my brain wallet address was correct. This view scared me to death: I found that the BTC balance on the address of my imported brain wallet was zero! The wallet address there is an address marked Change, the balance is exactly what my wallet address should have. In an instant I petrified: I just turned 1BTC out, how could it transfer the remaining BTC from my brain wallet to a new address in Amory's wallet without my consent? If I had just deleted all my Amory wallet files, wouldn't my BTC have been lost? It's dangerous.