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and Android system. Installing Electrum requires you to write down a 12-word seed to help you recover your wallet on multiple devices. If you forget your private key, this seed can also make Electrum look more human. In addition, Electrum has a "cold storage" mode where you don't have to pay Bitcoin to view your balance.

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According to Binance's white paper, the BNB held by the Binance team will be lifted again next week to 16 million units, currently worth about 536 million U.S. dollars. After the Binance team lifted the ban of 16 million last year, the founder Zhao Changpeng said that the unlocking time will be implemented as agreed. After unlocking, it is the freedom of the team to move the coins. So far, none of the team's coins have been moved. A week ago, Changpeng Zhao stated that the team and employees currently hold $1.2 billion in unlocked BNB. He Yi also said that the BNB team belonging to the Binance team in the BNB white paper has not moved.