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seed with 11 words electrum, Sometimes "generate_electrum_seed" generates 11 words

The developers of Bitamp Bitcoin Wallet have created an easy-to-use client open source Bitcoin wallet to meet this demand. Bitamp Wallet allows users to send and receive bitcoins anywhere, on any device. The interface also allows users to create a new Bitcoin wallet in an instant by writing down a 12-word seed. Users who generate seed phrases on other platforms such as Electrum, Mycelium, and Ledger can access their bitcoins anonymously and securely through the Bitamp site.

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Wallet Seeds are automatically generated when you create a wallet. Wallet seed determines the wallet master private key, which is a very important file, and Wallet seed must be kept in a very secure place, which you can recover from Wallet seed when an encrypted password or wallet is lost, and if it is compromised, your HC assets are at risk of being stolen.

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Electrum is a popular software wallet that works by connecting to a dedicated server. These servers receive a hash of the Bitcoin address in the wallet and reply with transaction information. Electrum wallets are fast and have few resources, but by default, it connects to these servers and can easily monitor users. In addition to Electrum, some other software uses public Electrum servers. By 2019, it is a faster and better alternative to BIP37.