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Transfering coins from bitcoin QT to Electrum?

First of all, let's look at all aspects of bitcoin client QT wallet data, QT wallet download total of 5.5 million, a total of more than 200 countries to download the crowd. If you download QT wallets five times a day, then at least 1 million people have downloaded QT wallets, and users or investors who are willing to download QT wallets may not only be speculators, but are very interested in Bitcoin, and have the ability to download software installation research.

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Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV both achieved significant price increases as the block reward was halved. BCH achieved growth of about 7%, while Bitcoin SV doubled it. In the Bitcoin cash network, the speed at which blocks are sought has fallen sharply, and miners' interest has declined since the block reward was split equally.

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Similar to Bitcoin, point-to-point transactions using Bitcoin cash are conducted in local, unorganized industries and do not require standardized software and record-keeping. This process usually involves wallet-to-wallet transfers. Once you have purchased an item from the seller, you can transfer Bitcoin cash from your Bitcoin cash wallet to the seller's Bitcoin cash wallet. This is similar to cash payments and is essentially anti-audit.