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Unlike most Bitcoin forks, BTCP is well thought out. The project has a good development team and has done a lot of testing on the underlying code. Also, the fork date has only recently been announced, and BTCP still has time to fully test the BTCP wallet. It's too early to say, but the rhett-creighton-150x150 project looks promising. By contrast, many recent Bitcoin fork projects Github and Wallet have had problems. The BTCP team wants to avoid repeating the mistakes of fork projects such as Bit Gold.

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According to an official statement released on December 24th, the development team behind Altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has confirmed that the BTCP, which created 2.04 million units, "never intended to exist on the blockchain".

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We will continue to monitor and track further movements of funds after a recent user submitted a coin-losing incident claiming that the download used an Electrum wallet had been phishing attack, losing more than 700 bitcoins, and that the stolen address had been added to the Devi AML system. It is reported that malicious website (electrumsecure) fake E) fake Electrum website to carry out phishing attacks, guide users to download and use the wallet, in order to steal the user's private key and other sensitive data. Devi Security Labs is here to remind users not to install unknown sources of Electrum wallets, to avoid asset losses.