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The user's private key is securely encrypted and stored on the Reddit server. This backup is encrypted using a new wallet password, which is separated from the user's login password. Encryption prevents others, including Reddit, from accessing the private key from the backup. This approach is suitable for ordinary users who require less security and more convenience. Save your wallet's mnic notes. Mnjmics are 12 words that can be used to restore an e-wallet. This is a common way to encrypt wallets. V God's view of Reddit credit coins.

electrum disable segwit, MyHush/electrumx: Alternative implementation of spesmilo/electrum-server

Groestlcoin (GRS) Dynamics: 1. CORE v2.16.0 has been released, recommended node users and Groestlcoin Core wallet users upgrade, this update protocol, optimized code, compatible with Bitcoin core v0.16.0, improve core wallet synchronization speed, a more beautiful interface, lower transaction costs, support between BECH32 and SEGWIT address transfer. 2. ELECTRUM-GRS v3.1.2 Light Wallet PC and Android are released. 3。 GROESTLCOIN VANITYGEN v1.03B Address Builder has been published. 4. GROESTLCOIN, P2POOL and GROESTLSIGHT Test Network have been released.