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China is a big cultural country with a long history and culture, and coins are one of the microcosms of Chinese culture. In recent years, the collection of coins is becoming more and more popular, especially the collection of ancient coins favored by Tibetan friends, Chinese ancient coins from the beginning of the Xia Dynasty, thousands of years of continuous development and evolution, variety and number, in the world is particularly dazzling. With the accumulation of time, the value of ancient coins is also increasing, more collectors have set their sights on this area.

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The main reason for the Trezor vulnerability is that it does not have built-in multi-signature functionality, so its multi-signature implementation is to support Electrum extension. This led to an attack on electrum, and Trezor was affected.

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Popular wallet developer Electrum has released an emergency patch for a key vulnerability in its Bitcoin wallet. The vulnerability allows any website hosting electrum wallets to potentially steal a user's cryptocurrency. A vulnerability means that the password is exposed to the JSONRPC interface, implying that the hacker has full control over the wallet. The first patch failed to fix the problem, forcing Electrum to release a second update on Sunday night.