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"The disable and restriction of portable electronic devices" (b) (5) "The holder of the certificate considers that the use does not affect the portable electronic equipment of the aircraft navigation and communications system" determines the open use of portable electronic equipment. If required, the certification holder should verify the use of a particular portable electronic device and decide whether to open it.

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DeViable Security Labs hereby suggests that versions of Electrum below 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks, and users using Electrum Wallet are requested to update to the latest version of Electrum 3.3.8 via the official website (, which has not yet been officially released, and do not use the link in the prompt to avoid asset losses.

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The fact that not many people know is that Esplora is bundled with a based and optimized Electrum server. This Electrum server is derived from Electrs and is now maintained separately by the Blockstream engineering team. Over the past two years, Esplora has become one of the fastest and most scalable Electrum server solutions available for Bitcoin due to continuous updates and performance optimization. Esplora is also the only Electrum server that supports liquid networks.