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Electrum is a world-renowned Bitcoin light wallet with a long history of supporting multi-signatures and a very broad user base, many of which like to use Electrum as a cold wallet or multi-sign wallet for Bitcoin or even USDT (Omni). Based on this usage scenario, Electrum is used less frequently on the user's computer. The current version of Electrum is 3.3.8, and previous versions of 3.3.4 are known to have a "message flaw" that allows an attacker to send an "update prompt" through a malicious ElectrumX server. This "update tip" is very confusing for the user, and if you follow the prompt to download the so-called new version of Electrum, you may get a trick. According to user feedback, because of this attack, stolen bitcoins are in the four digits or more. This captured currency theft attack is not stealing the private key (electrum's private key is generally stored with two-factor encryption), but replaces the transfer destination address when the user initiates the transfer. Here we remind users that when transferring money, special attention needs to be paid to whether the destination address has been replaced, which is a very popular method of currency theft recently. It is also recommended that users use hardware wallets such as Ledger, if paired with Electrum, although the private key will not have any security issues, but also need to be alert to the target address is replaced.

when i try to send from coinomi wallet to electrum wallet i can't paste in receiving address, electrum wallet receiving address

The first 42-bit hash (16-in) string string, which is the wallet address, a wallet corresponding to a wallet address, the address is unique and cannot be modified, that is, all tokens in a wallet transfer receiving address is the same. For example, the transfer receiving address for ETH in a wallet is the same as the transfer receiving address for EOS. This is not the same as the trading platform, the platform of different tokens of the transfer receiving address is generally different, therefore, before transferring money to the trading platform must confirm the address.