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In a forum post on Bitcointalk, website administrator Theymos explained: "If at any time in the past you've logged in to Electrum without a wallet password and opened a web page, your wallet might have been stolen." Particularly paranoid people may want to send all bitcoins (BTCs) from their old Electrum wallets to the newly generated Electrum wallet. "

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So in the heyday of the Roman Empire, the people under its rule had a strong confidence in their currency, so naturally they were also interested in gold. Even in India, outside the imperial sphere of influence, there was a strong sense of identity with Roman coins. In the 1st century AD, Roman currency was widely circulated in the Indian market. Interestingly, Rome is actually far from India, and the nearest Roman legion is thousands of miles away. At that time, India's rulers even imitated Roman coins and carved their own heads.

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The main reason for the Trezor vulnerability is that it does not have built-in multi-signature functionality, so its multi-signature implementation is to support Electrum extension. This led to an attack on electrum, and Trezor was affected.